Jen Gagne (recalcitrantum) wrote,
Jen Gagne

Where my money goes, Day 1

In an attempt to save everything I can for the impending move to Ohio, I want to monitor my spending more strictly. This is what I ate and spent today. (Food is my biggest monetary drain, I need to work on it.)

2x packs of oatmeal (bought before I left)
1 powerbar (bought before I flew back)
SPENT $3 getting chicken wings for lunch at Kroger
SPENT 6.52 getting the Sunday paper, razors (needed them pretty badly), and used a coupon to get a bag of FREE rice!
elbow mac (bought weeks ago), leftover tomato sauces (bought long enough ago that i needed to use them), breakfast sausage (been sitting in the freezer long enough to have been slightly frostburnt)
SPENT $15 on MARTA (issues with card, that's my 2nd $15 in 2 days.. should get resolved tomorrow afternoon)

Total expenditures - ~24.52

Also, not really an expenditure since it's necessary, I paid $30 more on my rent today, only $141.35 to go and a week to do it in. (Should be okay, long as Applebees isn't awful.)
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